Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Frequency?
    A Frequency is where all your uploads will be grouped under and it will provide an RSS feed for you to link to other podcast shows.
  • What is a wave?
    The audio that you upload to a frequency is called a wave.
  • Can I upload content for free?
    Polelo allows you to upload an hour worth of content per week for free. To unlock this restriction check the pricing page.
  • Are frequencies accessible through an RSS feed.
    Yes, every frequency provides it's own RSS feed which can be used to integrate with any service that consume podcasts via the RSS feed (like Spotify Podcasts, and iTunes podcasts).
  • Can I make money for hosting my content on Polelo.
    We are currently developing the monetization function in the alpha version. To enroll in the monetization wave feel free to contact us.